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Does SEO matter for an early stage company focusing on building social media connections first?

It does. Founders, how do you think you get visibility in the sea of social media posts? The strategy that goes into social media optimization is at the core of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the online viral result of everything you do online and offline to match your customer’s pain point to your solution.

I am a promoter of growth hacking. That means that I advise startups on the ways to achieve maximum growth with the minimum required resources. …

The Long Beach Accelerator may be for you.

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The Long Beach Accelerator is an enticing collaborative public-private partnership currently recruiting its second cohort.

Last week I had the opportunity to lead a workshop on Customer Discovery and Validation at the newly launched Long Beach Accelerator.

Founders, now you have the opportunity to engage with the Long Beach Accelerator as the applications are now open for its second cohort to begin in the Summer of 2021. $75,000 to $100,000 of equity funding is offered backed by excellent programming (if I do say so myself), mentorship, municipal support, and corporate partnerships.


Guidance for founders and investors evaluating market opportunities.

There are three tiers of scale commonly used to calculate the market opportunity for a startup’s product or service offering: TAM, SAM, and SOM. These are acronyms for Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Available Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market. The purpose of these market assessments is to determine not what is, but what could be.

Founders, you may be struggling with calculating and interpreting these familiar concentric circles. Let’s begin with the understanding investors would like to derive from them.

What investors seek. Investors are looking for your insight and applicability. What are…

Joy Fairbanks

Joy Fairbanks evaluates early stage startups, advises founders, and creates programming for startup incubators and accelerators globally.

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